The INsite

About The INsite

We appreciate your commitment to helping Venture Bound participants acquire the skills, desire, and experience necessary to thrive at work. We are developing The INsite employer assistance program to help ensure highly successful school-to-work transitions for businesses and employees, alike.

Hiring employees who are qualified, dependable, and enthusiastic presents an ongoing challenge for many business leaders. Luckily for you, Venture Bound participants possess the talents, skills, and personal motivation you’re seeking. Once developed, The INsite will help you effectively tap into that employee source.

The INsite will provide employers with one-on-one guidance in interviewing, hiring, training, and accommodating workers with cognitive challenges. Using recommendations that benefit both employers and employees, The INsite will show companies how to capitalize on the unique talents that Venture Bound participants bring to the workplace—while you help young people improve their overall employment success.

“We know that each child with autism is a unique individual, with skills and characteristics that would bring value to employers. The InSite will help employers get to know these students personally, understanding their interests and passions, and capitalizing on their strengths.” Sara Stockwell, Executive Director of Pupil Services at Perrysburg Schools

“Autism is a lifelong condition, so an individual might require ongoing support to integrate into the community. Thanks to The InSite, employers will get guidance in developing ways to support their workers with cognitive challenges. As a result, employers have less turnover, and employees thrive at work.” Kelly Elton, Director of Educational Services for Bittersweet, Inc.

A school-to-work transition success story in the making