As we start our new year, we are following the trend having one word dictate our year. Venture Bound’s one word is collaboration. Collaboration is working with someone one to create something. 

Who is Venture Bound working with? Venture Bound is working with each of the local communities to support their local school district’s efforts to develop a transition program for high school students.

Who makes up Venture Bound? Venture Bound’s Advisory Board is a collaborative group consisting of a Clinical Associate Professor and Director of Clinical and Educational Programming at The University of Toledo’s Doctoral Occupational Program, an Instructor from the College of Special Education at Bowling Green State University, the Assistant Director of the Graduate & Executive Programs in Business at Bowling Green State University, a Special Education teacher, a Creative Director with a local creative agency, and a self-advocate and co-founder of other employment initiates for people with disabilities. Venture Bound is a program under Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism (GLCA) and also benefits from the support of the dedicated professionals on its’ board. Together we can change the future. 

It takes many individuals to work together but Venture Bound truly makes a difference. One parent has stated that “Venture Bound meant new hope-hope that our son will be able to find his way in a world that isn’t always tolerant and understanding of people with autism.” 

What to learn more about Venture Bound and how you can become a part of the collaboration? Join us at Hope Church, 10610 Waterville St., Whitehouse on Jan 21st at 7 pm! No rsvp is needed.